Monday, July 27, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere!

It seems as if weather Gods have opened some flood gates as it’s been raining cats and dogs since Monday afternoon. Most of the roads, including one right outside our home are fully submerged in water. I am happy that Venice has finally found some competition in Delhi and its adjoining cities. Thank God! this rivalry between Delhi and Venice is not going to last forever....I am only concerned over non-availability of boats in Delhi; else who cares!

As mentioned in this post, my mom’s Friday evening call was postponed to Monday. So, my mom left for office at 3pm to attend that call leaving me with Santoshi didi; our maid or rather a new member of our house. She belongs to my mom's paternal village and is staying with us as my carer. This will not only help her save some money for her family but she will also be able to resume her studies. She plans to appear for her 9th standard private exams in Apr-10. She can be seen holding me in the picture....takes very good care of me.

My father was the first one to arrive home to a rousing welcome from her daughter-"me". The excitement of seeing my father was all over my face. Taking giant crawling strides, I reached out to him, faster than he would have imagined. I was laughing and giggling; lifting me in his arms, he too burst into laughter.........Walking towards the main door, he gave me a peck on my cheeks filling me with pride. Wearing my trade-mark attitude, my eyes began to follow my papa’s command. Soon thereafter, father-daughter duo started watching rains while listening to the symphony composed by the falling rain drops! Oh these cruel rains eluded Delhi for long but not anymore!

Mom called and the command structure shifted instantly......Alok, it is raining heavily, please come and pick me up from office ........and, do bring “Mit-thee” along! She proposed and papa disposed.........Wait....wait! Let me tell you who “Mit-thee” is? She is none other than me! My mom calls me by that name......It is a word from Garhwali dialect and means “Sugary”- my new nick!

As soon as I saw my mom, my loyalties shifted towards her. I was hungry baba! She is the one who feeds me when I am hungry.......After negotiating with our share of traffic woes, we reached Sandeep uncle’s home straight from my mom’s office.......You know, I love visiting their place and become a subject of their informal verbal volleys......with both of them wanting to hold me! I guess it is time for them to plan a kid? Golee chachee, are you reading this?

I was slightly cranky once we came back home; a sign that I am hungry........Few spoons of my dinner food and I was covering the length and breadth of the room again.....with an ever-smiling face!

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