Thursday, July 23, 2009

I am Feeling Much Better as I didn't get any fever since Tuesday night. But, I must say that those two days of fever were really tough on me ....... It is another matter that I maintained my calm and patience all through those bouts of high fever; something that has left my parents amazed and surprised! Moreover, I didn't create any fuss over my meals nor did I behave irritably. My mom feels that it wasn't medicines but my timely intake of food and fluids that helped me ward off fever......My Rudra bhai's situation convince me to believe my mom's theory as his fever is still persisting even after a week or so; Oh! he is so fussy about food!

The other good thing about today was that I had my mom's attention and time through out the day; she played with me all the time. As mentioned earlier, my mom had opted for an extra day off on every Wednesday under some voluntary work reduction scheme launched by her company; thus meaning that I get full three days of hers every week. She is home during other four days as well but then it is as good as not being at home; as she works all the time logging in her mandatory work hours to deal with telephony issues.... Good for her; I have no complaints!

After all the merry-making in the afternoon, Wednesday evening was spent in the near-by Mega-Mall amidst nice weather. You know I love that mall as it has many shops that sell kid-stuff........ and lot of wall-posters of kids as well. Moment, I see a kid in some poster I always get excited demanding to be taken near that poster touch that kid's face and murmur something in my own language......All the shop attendants at shops like "Dezine Kids", "Littles", "Monalisa" and Fashion Cube" have now started recognising me; they know what to expect when I enter inside their shop. One of them has now promised to get me a "Pegion Baby" poster......... They feel that I like posters..

But, my mom feels that my reaction is a derivative of some strong "relative connection" that I feel with those kids in the poster.......So true!, you are mom!

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