Thursday, July 9, 2009

Burning Sensation no more a mystery now. Just when I thought that my blog will finally see a post today, I did something unpleasant and painful.

It all happened after my papa and I finished playing together and were waiting for my mom to serve dinner. My tired papa told my mom to serve him on bed only. Like every other day, my papa first handed me my share- a tiny bite of chapati (Indian bread) and butter. As soon as I finished eating my share, I decided to try myself for my next bite. But, tonight luck had different plans for me and I lost my balance to found my tiny soft left hand inside a hot bowl of yellow lentils. I started crying immediately out of burning sensation and pain.....tears were flowing down my cheeks.....My worried mom applied some ice-pack which helped instantly.......

I am now sleeping comfortably in my bed; that initial burning sensation is gone and thankfully there is no injury on my hand.....I think timely ice-pack treatment and application of coconut oil helped .......So, no worries.....
My regular post will now have to wait until tomorrow. Till then take good care of yourself and yours! Good Night and have a nice day.............

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