Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Question In Mind.........

“What Brings People To My Blog?”- is a question that is brewing in my father’s mind for past couple of days. I don’t know why and what has made him think of this question..........In my view, following two reasons must have compelled him to ask this question:

1. Either he has uncovered some hidden formula to add couple of extra hours to a 24 hour days and then use it in unproductive pursuits, or

2. He has nothing else but to do this weird analysis to be able to ask equally weird question.

Whatever be the case, I have already concluded that you don’t need to be an English language expert to coin apt phrases; ..........someone like my dad must have motivated some ordinary person to come out with this –“ Empty mind is a Devils workshop “.

So, let me make a fervent appeal to everyone reading this post to help fill poor guy's empty mind with answers to the above-mentioned question in his head..........It will be great if you can take a minute and tell him the reason that brings you to my blog..........................

I don't want empty minds nor do I want devil's help him!

Edited to add: Oh yes! keep coming here to re-visit and re-live your or your kid's childhood........I will never disappoint you!

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