Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How do you ..........

......expect an eight month old kid to react seeing her parents argue over something?

Well, I hate to admit but I am now qualified to answer this question after I saw my parents argue over a petty matter this evening.

While my parents were busy putting forward their arguments, I was moving my eyes between two of them as if watching a tennis match.............obviously waiting for an end to the verbal volleys. But when they didn't I started crying........My crying had an immediate effect as my parents stopped arguing and rushed towards me to comfort me.

They started doing their bit to make me laugh, something not very difficult thing to do. Soon, I would burst into my trademark laughter and this would provide much needed relief to my parents. They are now hoping that my mind would not register this argument. To be honest, I also don't want that to happen. And, my laughter has definitely helped me erase this bad experience from my mind space.

Now, here is preaching time- you know any argument between two persons is nothing but a game of throwing back at each other. The game continues until one person decides not to throw it back at the other. So, avoid throwing back and the argument would stop instantly.

Last but not the least, I am hoping that my parents would learn from this incident and avoid any arguments in front of me.......Rather, they should try and avoid them completely........Doing this won't make them a machine for sure- lack of arguments doesn't make life mechanical; rather it gives you more time to enjoy the beauty that is called- Life.

So, "shed the baggage and get on with your life that you love" should be the new mantra. At least mine is that, what about yours!

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