Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No Monday Morning Blues

.........for me as I started my 2nd monday of July with a roaring laughter;
This sort of start certainly made my papa overcome his Monday morning blues. Believe me it was a very different start to his day as compared to other Mondays. You know he is such a reluctant office-goer. But, all this doesn't matter as we have another balancing member in our house- my mom, a model in office devotion........Had there been any Nobel prize in that category, she would have definitely earned it......

A day that started on a refreshing note ended in style with Pallavi (aka Goli) chachee feeding me the first bite of her birthday cake. Happy Birthday chachee!
Cake cutting ceremony at Sandeep uncle's home was preceded by dinner at newly opened- Bagel's Cafe in DLF-I Gurgaon. You know, it was me who helped Pallavi chachee finalize the menu.....
After placing the order, I started playing on the Cafe floor. Actually, I wanted to give them a chance to enjoy the meal...... But, they would call me back as soon as the check arrived.........I told Sandeep uncle to pay through my card but he insisted on paying from his card only. I agreed but only after he promised to let me sign the charge slip....... This post cannot end without making a mention of another party that I attended this evening. It was organised by Ruchi bua at their Gurgaon home for visiting Kusum bua and her family. We had to leave that party midway to join waiting Pallavi chachee and Sandeep uncle at The Bagel's. Anyways, the party served its purpose of meeting Kusum bua and her family......You know I love attending family parties as it helps me enlarge my sphere.........

I feel tired now, so let me say good night.......Take good care of you and yourselves.

Edited to add: I must thank everyone who leave their comments on my posts.....It really feels great to be able to connect to so many people.......And, I love them all!

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