Friday, July 24, 2009

Thanking You On A Rainy Day!

My mom rightly says that weather plays an important role in shaping my mood. Today, I am in a cheerful mood thanks to our weather Gods. They have been kind enough to shower two hours of continuous rains over parched city of Gurgaon. Needless to mention that today’s rains have brought much needed relief to the city residents. At the same time, it has also exposed the claims of the city administration about the preparedness of the city to the vagaries of monsoons.......Only two hours of rains was enough to cause havoc in the city with traffic snarls being witnessed on every road leading into or from the city. However, I didn’t witness any such jam on the road outside my home. Sitting on my mom’s lap, I could enjoy the sight of speeding cars splashing our boundary wall with the rain-water.......... I laughed and giggled every time a car moved away from me.

Later in the evening, papa took us out for a drive in the rain. I really enjoyed it especially the fast movement of car-wipers on the windscreen and so many happy faces in a traffic jam-a rare sight in any traffic jam!

We came back late at around 9.30; but tired me was in no mood to go to bed! Well, who would want to, when you have such a nice weather outside!

Let me now take this opportunity to thank everyone for their visits to my blog.......I want each one of you to know that I love you! So, thank you all on this beautiful day............

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