Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Instant Connections!

Scene 1, In a shop- Sitting inside a pram, your roving eyes are observing everything around you, your mom is busy picking up daily needs while papa is busy reading a product manual; a complete stranger walks up to you, smiles at you, touches your cheeks and walks away after uttering two words- “cute baby”.......

Scene 2, Inside a lift- You are in your mom’s arms and your mom is trying her best to draw your attention towards shops through the lift glass; your co-passengers are smiling at you and suddenly one hand reaches out to you softly and you respond with a smile.........Another mom standing nearby cajoles her kid to look at the little baby..........and our eyes make an instant connection!

Scene 3, Inside a coffee shop- Your parents are sipping their cups of cappuccino while you play with your rattles; a young couple engrossed in one another is seated on the next table and your rattles fall down, the guy picks it up and hand it back to you while his girl gives you a peck and both begin talking to you.........Their private moment is off but they don’t seem to crib about that.........

Scene 4, Road outside your home- Your working mom places you on your tricycle to take you out for a walk; and you become an instant hit with everyone walking by you......some asks your name while others smile back at you and a few touches your cheeks.........Next day- you meet most of the people from previous day and now they are no more a stranger to you; but they remain a stranger to your mom!

All these are not isolated incidents but a daily feature of my life. I am the only constant in every incident while all the other characters and surroundings change. So what is it; .........not that I am the most beautiful and attractive person in town. Nor do I employ a trick or two to attract someone’s attention.........

Well, it is nothing but my “being” of a kid that helps. Actually, people find it easy to connect with kids and they always do that without any prejudice or notions.........A knowledge that other person is not out to harm you helps as well!

No wonder; everyone misses his/her childhood! Hey! I just realised that I could have mentioned this blog as Scene 5! Say what?

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