Friday, July 3, 2009

Instant Connections- The Other Perspective

In my this post of yesterday; I had quoted few instances of complete strangers connecting to my “being” of a kid. I had further mentioned that perhaps it was their way to re-visit their childhood; something everyone misses so badly..........Now, that is an easy answer to justify that connection!

However, after one short and swift encounter this evening I have begun to question my own reasoning for those "Instant Connections"..........Having said that, I must clarify again that I am not questioning them at all.........

Here is the incident that triggered that thought and led me to think of more such incidents to see if they follow some common pattern-

Scene 1, Road outside my home- My papa arrived home early from work today, so he took me out for an evening walk. I was riding my tri-cycle which my papa was pushing from back. Lot of people were out walking to enjoy the weather. Lost in that crowd was a brother-sister duo walking in my direction.........As soon as I noticed them, my eyes got fixed on them.......The sister, roughly 5 years of age was holding her nearly 1 year old brother on her waist. The brother was wearing nothing but a tee-shirt.............As they went pass me, I smiled at them and murmured something in my language..........Both of them looked at me but kept moving ahead without showing any emotions. Feeling bad at being ignored, I turned my neck back and screamed- “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaay”.......... It worked, as sister after hearing my call started smiling and turned back to walk up to me. I too started smiling again. But, her brother, who resisted her move back, had the last laugh.............. And, I kept looking at them as they walked away from me into an anonymous world...........And, I am left wondering why their “being” of a kid didn’t move anyone in that crowd.......Perhaps, it was the lack of clothes or was it their poverty that they had no control over!

Scene 2, Inside my car at the traffic junction- I was standing on my mom’s lap while my papa was behind the wheels waiting for the traffic light to turn green......... A girl around 6 years of age with a rose bud in her hands walked up to our car and stood outside my window. My mother opened it and handed her a 5 rupee coin...........Thinking that sale deal has been clicked, the girl tried to part with the possession of the rose bud to my mom. Before she could do that, the light turned green and papa sped away..............Worsening pressure of cars honking from behind made him do that. But it left me wondering....why couldn't have they waited for few more seconds...................what about her “being” of a kid!

So, what actually is this “Instant Connection” about? Is it about good clothes or appearance or is it about the “being” of a kid. If it is about the latter, then why do we see so many kids struggle for minimal basic needs of life........Why?

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