Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mom In Office- Testing Times

My mom had to literally drag herself to office after her two weeks extension of work from home facility expired last Friday. By the time I wake up, she had already attended to her daily chores. Only thing left on her plate was my bath; which she advanced by half an hour and finished with the help of my papa at around 9.30 am.

Tension was palpable all her face with mind constantly at work imagining the possible scenarios to deal with my separation anxiety. My disliking for the afternoon sleep and top feed was adding to her worries. Her concern was that as to how my nanee (her mom) will engage me in her absence.

After much persuasion and efforts she was successful in putting me off to sleep prior to leaving for work at 10.30 am. However that was not the solution to her worries and she kept thinking about me while in the car completely unaware of the help coming in from unexpected quarters- Reveda, her daughter itself. I didn’t give her any reason to feel threatened of any separation anxiety problem as I slept for close to one and half hours. Also, I would diligently drink top feed moments after waking up. I was laughing /smiling and giggling while playing with my nanee, chachee and Rudra bhai and would sleep once again for close to an hour in the afternoon. As my papa and mummy kept hearing of my progress, the frequency of their phone calls began to subside. Another round of top feed and it was about time for my mom time to head back home.

And I welcomed my mom with a big smile after she entered inside; something that was enough to make her bring that look of peace and satisfaction back to her face. With this my first testing day came to an end on an encouraging note. My mom’s wait for next day would begin as soon as first one ended.
And the next day was no different either!

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